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Storm Damage Services

After a storm passes, many property owners face severe damage, water infiltration, weakened structures, and compromised safety. Escalating issues lead to high repair costs and safety hazards. Call Rescue Restoration Inc.. stress and worry disappear with our quick, effective storm damage restoration services. Our experienced teams address fundamental causes for lasting solutions. In specific, our comprehensive range handles all storm-caused damages. Roof leaks, water damage, structural repairs, we’re equipped for it all. Using advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment, we restore efficiently with minimal disruption. Your life can swiftly get back on track.

Our Process


When arriving at your location, our professional team prioritizes safety for you and your family. Subsequently, a comprehensive damage assessment is conducted, leading to a restoration plan and cost estimate to return your property to its pre-disaster state.

Cleanup Services

After the storm is over, there will be a lot of damage, but don’t worry! Our team of experts in cleaning up after natural disasters will easily handle the trash and mess, using cutting-edge, industrial-grade methods to ensure a perfect repair.

Emergency Services

We will secure your property by erecting boards and tarps. We can also assist you with packing and storing your belongings while your house is being rebuilt. You can count on us to immediately restore order and safety!

Tree Removal

Our skilled crew will handle tree removal and storm damage repairs with care. We’ll expertly utilize our tools to remove any fallen trees that are dangerously near your property. Then, with steadfast determination, we’ll erase what’s left of these once-powerful titans, leaving no trace of their destructive existence. Last but not least, we will gently remove these massive pieces of wood, assuring the safety and quietness of your home.

Restoration Services

Our skilled damage repair team will leave when your house appears as good as new. We’ll take care of everything, from sewage cleanup to electrical and structural repairs and rebuilding and repairing your roof. You can count on us to eliminate mold and improve the air quality. Because we are experts at fixing storm damage and getting back on your feet after a disaster, your home will be safe and ready to live in no time.

Service Area

We cover the entire New York City area from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Queens to the Bronx. Our strategically located base at 33 Janet Place, Valley Stream, NY 11581, allows us to reach our clients quickly.

Why Choose Us

Rapid Response

Emergency calls receive top priority with utmost urgency, ensuring quick communication for immediate assessment and mitigation. As we swiftly respond to distress signals, our team conducts rapid on-site evaluations and initiates immediate mitigation measures. Through quick communication and expert evaluation, we address emergencies with high proficiency.

Comprehensive Evaluation

With a comprehensive approach, our team thoroughly evaluates all damage, including hidden issues. This evaluation shows the way for a full restoration plan. With a detailed approach, we thoroughly inspect all damaged aspects. We look into everything, whether it’s obvious or not. Consequently, our restoration plan covers all facets, leaving no room for oversight. We’re proud of how well we pay attention to details and give clients a plan that can go right.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

We ensure effective property restoration by employing cutting-edge techniques and industry best practices. Our main goal is to get great results by using modern techniques and encouraging new ideas. We expertly handle your property with the greatest exactness, gaining your trust for outstanding restoration services.

Transparent Communication

We prioritize transparency throughout our journey, ensuring clients are always well-informed. Openness remains our top priority at every stage, encouraging deep trust and active collaboration. With a focus on clarity, we proactively share updates, fostering a seamless and inclusive partnership.

Timely Completion

We work hard to finish the repair as quickly as possible while maintaining high quality and sticking to strict deadlines. Our unwavering dedication promises perfection from the start to the end.

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33 Janet Place Valley Stream, NY 11581


The duration varies based on the damage and the services required. Minor repairs take days. Extensive projects take weeks. Our team at Rescue Restoration Inc. provides a customized timeline.

Yes, you can begin before claim approval. We understand the urgency and prevent further damage. We help initiate the process and provide the necessary documentation for your claim.

Absolutely. With unparalleled expertise, our highly skilled and certified technicians adeptly manage every aspect. They address various storm damages using advanced techniques and tools for efficient restoration.

Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency services. We understand immediate restoration needs at any time of day. Count on us for prompt assistance whenever you need it.

Certainly, we have extensive experience working with insurance companies. Our team will coordinate on your behalf, providing necessary documentation and ensuring a smooth process.

Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. We take pride in our quality work. If you have concerns, we will address them diligently to ensure your satisfaction.

Absolutely. Our services include debris removal for safety and cleanliness. Fallen trees, branches, and storm debris will be efficiently removed.


At RESCUE RESTORATION INC, we deliver top-notch storm damage restoration. Our strong commitment lies in aiding you to conquer the challenges of property damage. We distinguish ourselves as your dependable restoration companion through accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Reach out to us today and immerse in the firsthand experience of our exceptional service.