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Reconstruction Services

RESCUE RESTORATION INC understands how critical it is to rebuild fast and thoroughly following a tragedy. Whether your property was destroyed by fire, flood, or another calamity, our all-inclusive rebuilding procedure can restore it to its pre-disaster condition. From the first inspection to the last touches, our professionals with extensive expertise and experience handle every aspect of the reconstruction. Our assistance will restore your house or company to its former glory.

Why Choose Us

With RESCUE RESTORATION INC at your disposal, you can take advantage of impressive benefits such as expert guidance, prompt results, and budget-friendly options. Our team’s skillfulness allows for the efficient execution of projects. Trust enables us to deliver an exceptional job reconstruction.

We’ve been in the business for a long time and have worked on various reconstruction projects. Our highly skilled team promises great results through their knowledge and skill. So, customer happiness will always be our top priority.

Experience and Expertise

In our wide range of services, we are the best at fixing fire damage, fixing water damage, and getting rid of mold. You can count on us to reconstruct your home quickly and well. Also, our skilled team makes sure that everything goes smoothly. Count on our knowledge.

Comprehensive Services

In a world where property control is always changing, RESCUE RESTORATION INC stands out as a reliable company. Their license and insurance act as a shield to protect your most valuable things. You will be ensured knowing that your property is being watched by experts who will keep it safe.

Licensed and Insured

We work hard because we know how important it is to reconstruct on time. Our team ensures the property is fixed quickly and within the agreed-upon timeframes.

Timely Completion

Badings can happen without notice. In an uncertain world, our emergency reaction team is ready to help with your instant reconstruction needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

24/7 Emergency Response

During the long and complicated reconstruction process, we prioritize talking to our clients openly and honestly. This keeps them up to date on progress and any changes that come up.

Transparent Communication

Using the latest tools and technology speeds up the reconstruction process without lowering the quality. Also, our dedication to being the best never changes. We can ensure the work is done quickly and well with cutting-edge equipment. We move forward because we care about quality.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Service Area

RESCUE RESTORATION INC stands tall as a sign of dependability in the busy city of New York. Serving both homes and companies, we are always ready to help them with their reconstruction needs.


The duration varies based on the damage’s extent and required scope of work, with a tailored timeline for your project.

Certainly! With experience dealing with insurers, we’ll seamlessly coordinate on your behalf for an efficient process.

Our comprehensive range includes fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold remediation, and more.

Absolutely! Amidst our team of highly skilled and certified technicians, we possess the expertise and state-of-the-art tools required for comprehensive reconstruction tasks. 

Yes, we take pride in our quality and offer a satisfaction guarantee, addressing any concerns promptly.

At RESCUE RESTORATION INC, we dedicate ourselves to reliable and efficient reconstruction services, restoring your property’s former glory after a disaster. Contact us now for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Our Process


Initial Assessment

The process of reconstruction starts with a comprehensive examination of the impacted property. Assessing the damage, trained technicians decide which parts must be fixed. A solid repair plan can be developed by clearly defining the scope of work and offering a detailed estimate, as demonstrated in this review.


Planning and Approval

After the review, our team collaborates with yours to plan and secure approval. By collaborating, we create a rebuilding plan that suits your unique needs. So we can consider every aspect, the timeline, budget, and goals are thoroughly examined during our discussion. While rebuilding takes place, we prioritize keeping you feeling at ease and well-informed. Ready or not, we will proceed once you feel that way.


Demolition and Cleanup

Removing dangerous buildings before construction begins is essential. Team skills guarantee the successful completion of the work, leading to new development possibilities. The utmost importance is placed on safety during the entire process.


Reconstruction and Restoration

Skilled craftspeople employ top-notch materials and specialized methods after destruction during the rebuilding stage. Repairing your home meticulously leads to the best possible outcome due to unmatched attention to detail and exactness.


Final Inspection

Having been thoroughly checked, it can be safely said that all safety and quality requirements have been satisfied. Prioritizing full home functionality, we aim to have it ready for occupation.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer happiness is the most important thing at RESCUE RESTORATION INC. We try to go above and beyond what is expected during the reconstruction process. Our team handles all issues and ensures the result is perfect.

Contact Us

Are you embarking on your reconstruction endeavor? Reach out by phone at (917) 549-2924 or visit 33 Janet Place, Valley Stream, NY 11581. Count on our swift and dependable services.