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Mold Remediation at Its Finest

With RESCUE RESTORATION INC, you can get mold removal done well and designed to solve your mold problems. Our expert team is committed to making homes and offices safe-havens. When mold takes hold, we do a full inspection to find out how far it has spread and where it came from.

Mold Remediation at Its Finest

We encapsulate it to prevent it from spreading and prevent germs from going off on their own during removal. Certified professionals can get rid of mold specters quickly and safely because they use cutting-edge tools. We clean so that nothing can grow back. After that, we go after the source of the problem to stop future assaults.

Choose RESCUE RESTORATION INC if you want to be in good hands, care about safety, follow the rules, and get long-lasting solutions. We are qualified and protected to make sure our customers are happy. The people who can save you from mold are waiting with excellent services and amazing results in New York City.

Inspection and Assessment

Embarking on the mold eradication mission, our experts meticulously inspect your property, pinpointing the extent and source of the infestation. Armed with cutting-edge tools, we precisely assess the situation.



To Ensure A Safe Environment, We Set Up Containment Barriers To Stop Mold Spores From Spreading. This Crucial Measure Minimizes Risks And Contamination As We Proceed With The Removal.


Mold Removal

In-Mold Eradication, Our Skilled Technicians Deploy Cutting-Edge Equipment. Employing Potent Cleaning Agents, We Thoroughly Eliminate Mold Colonies, Ensuring Your Property’s Safety.


Air Filtration


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Our Process

At RESCUE RESTORATION INC, we swear by a systematic, proven approach to guarantee client satisfaction. Our mold remediation process encompasses these vital steps

Inspection and Assessment

Launching on the mold eradication mission, our experts meticulously inspect your property, identifying the extent and source of the destroyment. Equip with cutting-edge tools, we precisely assess the situation.



To ensure a safe environment, we set up preventing barriers to stop mold spores from spreading. This crucial measure minimizes risks and contamination as we proceed with the removal.


Mold Removal

In mold removal, our skilled technicians use cutting-edge equipment. Employing powerful cleaning mechanisms, we totally eliminate mold space, ensuring your property’s safety.


Air Filtration

After removing mold, it is important to filter the air to ensure it is clean. It gets mold spores that are still around, which stops them from growing back and causing health risks. This step keeps people and things safe by making sure the area is free of germs and is safe to be in.


Drying And Dehumidification

Mold is hard to eliminate because of a sneaky enemy: moisture. So, we plan our strategy carefully and use thorough drying and dehumidification methods. By getting rid of water, we make mold impossible to return, ensuring a mold-free future.


Sanitization And Disinfection

We thoroughly cleaned and cleaned the area after carefully removing the mold. Any mold germs still around die, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.


Mold Removal

At the end of the mold removal process, our expert team does a thorough final check to ensure no mold is left and to confirm that your property is safe and suitable for living in.


Service Area: New York City

In the vast metropolis of New York City, RESCUE RESTORATION INC stands tall. Our reach extends across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. A quick call connects you to our mold remediation expertise, securing your property and health.


Mold thrives in high humidity and moisture areas promoted by leaks, floods, condensation, and poor ventilation.

Absolutely! Mold adversely affects health, particularly those with allergies, asthma, or respiratory conditions. Prolonged exposure triggers reactions.

Look for musty odor, visible mold, water stains, peeling paint, or wallpaper. If you need more clarification, seek a professional inspection.

Coverage depends on the policy and the reason. Talk to your insurance company for more information about mold cleanup benefits.

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Why Choose Us

Expertise and Experience

Even though there are problems with mold, RESCUE RESTORATION INC stands out with its years of experience. Our skilled team fights all kinds of germs to keep the surroundings clean. From tiny spores to strong groups, we return homes to their former beauty. Believe in our skills; we do great work.

Certifications and Licenses

Our company has the right certifications and licenses to ensure it operates legally. Trust our knowledge and skill when it comes to getting rid of mold.

Advanced Technology

We promise that our mold removal services will be effective because we use cutting-edge tools and the latest technology. It will be taken care of completely and won’t grow back.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of services beyond just getting rid of mold, including water damage repair, fire damage repair, and cleanup of biohazards. Our thorough method is the best because it covers all property loss.

Emergency Response

In property concerns, mold outbreaks are a very serious problem. It’s important to act quickly. So, our immediate reaction is to be ready to deal with mold problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you act quickly, you can avoid damage and get your property back to normal quickly.

Customer Satisfaction

Your main goal is ensuring customers get what they want. We make custom solutions that fit your budget and goals based on how well we understand your needs. Through our committed service, we go above and beyond what people expect.


In mold remediation, RESCUE RESTORATION INC stands as the trusted name. Our process is comprehensive, and our team is experienced, making us the preferred choice in New York City. Start your search for reliable, effective answers in the universe today! We care most about the health and safety of your belongings.