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Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint, a silent lurking danger in homes, especially older ones, was widely used without understanding its health risks. Pregnant women and children are at high risk, with lead exposure leading to learning disabilities and neurological issues.

At RESCUE RESTORATION INC, we grasp the gravity of lead paint contamination. Our service helps New York City homeowners, businesses, and property managers confront this danger head-on. Our specialists have the knowledge and equipment to keep you and your family safe.

Our Process

At RESCUE RESTORATION INC, We swear by a systematic, proven approach to guarantee client satisfaction. Our process encompasses these vital steps

Inspection and Testing

When removing lead paint, the first step is a careful review using cutting-edge tools and methods for accurate recognition. Certified inspectors look at the property and determine how many areas lead effects.

Customized Removal Plan

Following a thorough inspection, we create a customized plan for removal, considering surface size, condition, and contamination level. Additionally, we address property-specific challenges, prioritizing safety and efficiency in our strategy.

Containment and Safety Measures

In the tricky art of removing lead paint, control, and safety are the most important things. Technicians put safety first and keep lead dust and dirt in check. Advanced methods like negative air pressure, plastic sheets, and HEPA screens are used to prevent cross-contamination.

Safe Removal Techniques

Our expert team uses cutting-edge methods that are approved by government agencies. When used skillfully, wet scraping, chemical stripping, and abrasive blasting ensure the removal is safe, quick, and free of dangerous dust.

Thorough Cleanup

A thorough clean-up is done after the lead paint has been removed successfully. We eliminate dust and dirt using HEPA vacuums and other specialized tools. Our main goal? Make sure your home is safe and clean.

Post-Removal Testing

After the process of removing the paint is done, it is carefully tested to make sure that all of the lead paint is gone. With this thorough method, you can be sure that your house is now free of lead and safe to live in.

Proper Disposal

Environmental duty is something we take very seriously. We get rid of trash that contains lead responsibly, following the rules to the letter. We ensure that lead waste is handled safely and ethically by working with approved sites.

Service Area: New York City

RESCUE RESTORATION INC stands tall in the middle of a busy city. We are happy to serve all five of New York City’s neighborhoods. We can help if you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten Island. Our team of professionals is ready to help you remove lead paint with skill. With our professional services, you can enjoy a better atmosphere. Trust in our years of knowledge and our dedication to being the best. Let us help you get your space back to how it was before. Get in touch with us right away and stop worrying about lead paint.


Homes built before 1978 might have paint made with lead. If there is damage or a chance of exposure, it is safer to get rid of it.

DIY clean-up clean-up that is dangerous can spread pollution. For a safe and successful move, you should hire a professional.

Duration depends on project size and complexity. Small homes take days, and commercial properties take weeks.

Coverage is possible if there are health risks. Check with your insurance company for choices.

Encapsulation is a short-term thing. The safest and most effective way to eliminate dangers is to take them all away.

If you think something, you should test it. Inspections should be done regularly, especially after changes or repairs.

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Why Choose Us

Expertise and Certification

Amidst the ever-changing landscape, RESCUE RESTORATION INC reigns with expertise years of lead paint removal experience. The fully certified team is trained for safety. Ongoing knowledge, staying updated, and committed to industry best practices. Embracing regulatory guidelines tightly.

Safety First Approach

With utmost care, our top priority is safety for clients and team members. We keep risks to a minimum when we remove lead paint by following rules and using the latest technology. Trust us; we handle lead paint problems with professionalism.

Customized Solutions

Our experts design tailored lead paint removal plans in the diverse properties we encounter. Working closely, we ensure your specific needs and budget are catered to. Customized solutions are our expertise.

Regulatory Compliance

There are strict rules about how to get rid of lead paint. You’ll have to pay a lot if you don’t follow the rules. RESCUE RESTORATION INC is very good at following the rules. I know the local and federal rules. Trust us; we’ll take care of law matters accurately.

Customer Satisfaction

We offer the best service and are always committed to doing that. This makes sure that all of our customers will be happy. We are a well-known and reliable company in NYC because we can remove lead paint well. We also have a history of doing great work, which helps our reputation.


At RESCUE RESTORATION INC, we provide top-notch lead paint removal service. Our unwavering commitment lies in aiding you to conquer the challenges of property damage. We distinguish ourselves as your dependable restoration companion through accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Reach out to us today and immerse in the firsthand experience of our exceptional service.