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Commercial Water Damage

RESCUE RESTORATION INC has a team of certified technicians with cutting-edge tools and specialized training to understand the urgency and gravity of water damage. Regardless of the complexity of the commercial water damage situation, we have years of industry experience that allows us to provide unrivaled restoration services to businesses in New York City and its surrounding areas.

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial buildings face many risks, and water damage is one of the most common and worst. This problem can be caused by broken lines, water leaks, roof leaks, natural disasters, or automatic sprinkler systems that don’t work right. As a result, companies have to deal with expensive fixes, slowed operations, and possible health risks from mold and mildew growth. RESCUE RESTORATION INC comes to the rescue by repairing business water damage quickly and skillfully.

Our Services

RESCUE RESTORATION INC handles commercial water damage accurately, putting our clients and team members’ safety first. We go through the following steps in a planned way:

Emergency Water Extraction

In water damage, timing is paramount. With our round-the-clock emergency response team, we swiftly remove water from your commercial property, preventing additional harm and lessen mold risks. Act promptly to safeguard your investment.

Structural Drying and Dehumidification

Following the water extraction process, advanced drying techniques and dehumidifiers are employed to dry affected areas thoroughly. This prevents further water damage and ensures that employees and customers can work and shop in a safe, healthy environment.

Sanitization and Odor Removal

We use products that are safe for the environment to clean the damaged areas and eliminate any lingering smells or germs in the water.

Damage Assessment and Documentation

During our thorough property inspection, we look at every inch carefully for signs of water damage. This careful process makes sure that your insurance claims are correct. Because we kept very good records, the claims process will go off without a hitch.

Content Restoration

The effects of water damage extend beyond the building itself to include the contents and stock. We provide restoration services to save as much of your material as possible.

Mold Remediation

When there is water damage, there is a hidden danger: mold growth. This danger can be caused by neglect or needing to dry more. But don’t worry! Our skilled mold removal team will remove the mold colonies and bring your home back to its former glory.

Commercial Reconstruction

In extreme water damage circumstances, parts of the building may need to be rebuilt. To guarantee that your home is returned to its previous state, let our expert contractors oversee the full rebuilding process.

Service Area

RESCUE RESTORATION INC is pleased to provide services to commercial clients in New York and its surroundings. Our hardworking team is conveniently located to provide speedy response and repair services to local businesses in need.

Our Process

Emergency Contact

Step 01

If you find water damage in your business, please immediately call us at (917) 549-2924. Our quick response team will quickly collect relevant data and send personnel to your area in an emergency.

Assessment and Inspection

Step 02

When we get there, our trained professionals will examine the property and determine how bad the water damage is. We’ll sit down with you and talk about the plan for repairing the damage and answer any questions you might have.

Water Extraction

Step 03

We will quickly and effectively remove any standing water from your property using high-powered pumps and vacuums.

Drying and Dehumidification

Step 04

We use top-of-the-line dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the affected areas completely. We also use high-tech tools, which makes us much more efficient. By taking these steps, we get quick and thorough results that help solve problems caused by moisture.

Assessment and Inspection

Step 05

If mold is found, we will safely remove it and implement steps to prevent its return.

Water Extraction

Step 06

We completely sanitize the damaged areas to eliminate bacteria and smells caused by water damage.

Content Restoration

Step 07

We take great care while restoring your content, whether electronic devices, paperwork, or stock.

Reconstruction and Restoration

Step 08

If needed, our trained builders can reconstruct and repair the broken parts of your home.

Final Inspection

Step 09

Before we call it a day, we double-check your restored area to ensure it meets both our and your expectations.


Water damage in business buildings can be caused by burst pipes, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, natural disasters, and broken sprinkler systems, to name a few.

If unchecked, water damage may quickly spread and cause more structural damage and mold development. Quick response helps lessen the extent of the damage and the expense of repairing it.

We cooperate with insurance firms and help our customers file claims—our careful record-keeping and estimating support expediting the claims process.

Yes, we only use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products that won’t harm the land or the people living there.

The extent of the damage will determine how long it will take to rehabilitate the region. Our team will provide a schedule at the beginning of the evaluation process.

The danger of future water damage may be reduced by following our advice on preventative measures, which we provide as part of our services.

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Why Choose Us

Quick Action

We know how important it is to repair water damage quickly. Therefore, we provide emergency services around the clock.

Trained Professionals

Each of our professionals has completed extensive training and earned certification in commercial water damage repair. We’ve developed our skills over many years to the point where we can guarantee success.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We use cutting-edge tools and technologies to get your business back in shape quickly and affordably.

Comprehensive Solutions

With comprehensive expertise, we tackle water damage: extraction, drying, mold treatment, and rebuilding our complete solutions. Bursting with versatility, we restore homes to perfection.

Insurance Assistance

Help with insurance claims is available if you feel overwhelmed by the process. We’re here to help you through the paperwork and claims procedure.

Customer Satisfaction

100% satisfaction with our customers is one of our top priorities. We aim to exceed your expectations whenever we work on a project for you.


At RESCUE RESTORATION INC, we give top-notch estimates of property damage. Our unwavering commitment is to help you deal with the problems that come with property damage. We stand out as your reliable restoration partner by being accurate, efficient, and focused on customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us today and see for yourself how great our service is.