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Commercial Fire Damage

If your business building has been damaged by fire, call RESCUE RESTORATION INC immediately. Fire threatens people and property, but it also leaves a mess of soot, smoke, and water that makes it hard to return to work. After a business fire, you need fast, expert help to get your property back to how it was before the blaze.

Commercial Fire Damage

As a leading provider, RESCUE RESTORATION INC. has years of expertise and a team of highly educated specialists in commercial fire damage restoration services. Regardless of how sizeable or convoluted, we cover all aspects of fire damage. We focus on restoring standard operations as rapidly as possible to maintain everyone’s safety and well-being.

Our Services

Emergency Water Extraction

Firefighters need to be constantly prepared to fight fires at any time. From the moment a fire has been destroyed, 24/7 emergency response services guarantee that damage is swiftly resolved. The top priority is taking quick action. Thanks to our quick response, the repair work gets done faster.

Damage Assessment

Our skilled professionals provide a straightforward estimate of the fire damage when they examine your business. Careful examination reveals the entirety of the harm. To suit your unique needs, restoration planning involves creating a tailored strategy.

Soot and Smoke Removal

Essential is cleaning up well after a fire. Smoke-related soot and ash contaminate building parts, resulting in unpleasant scents and health problems. The consequences of ignoring it can be significant. By applying advanced technology, we will restore your building.

Water Damage Restoration

The impact of water may heighten post-fire, leading to extra structural damage. Don’t worry! Excellent results are achieved when recovering water-damaged areas due to our skillful execution of removing excess water and drying out rooms.

Structural Repair and Reconstruction

Safety issues arise after the fires have weakened structures. Safety standards are their primary focus, so our contractors will work hard to repair and renovate your property.

Substance Cleaning and Restoration

Substance cleaning and restoration begin with properly caring for and handling your cherished possessions. Attempting to conserve and fix as many items as possible, our services concentrate.

Odor Removal

Smoke smells are a constant part of our daily lives, and we cannot ignore how unpleasant they are. But we don’t know that these smells could indicate dangerous items nearby. Don’t worry! Our effective methods eliminate those unwanted smells, making the inside more comfortable and clean.

Complete Decontamination

After a terrible fire, your property may have been exposed to dangerous substances that are hard to see. You must use exhaustive sanitation methods to ensure your commercial space is as safe as possible.

Insurance Assistance

Filing an insurance claim can be stressful when there is an emergency. We can help by working with your insurance company and making things easier with careful documentation. We ensure the process goes smoothly by showing detailed damage and repair steps.

Our Services

Emergency Water Extraction

At firefighters must be prepared to respond to a fire at any time of day or night. 24/7, our rapid emergency response services ensure immediate fire damage repair post-extinguishment. Swift action is our priority. Our quick action helps prevent additional damage and expedites the repair work.


Complete Decontamination

Following a devastating fire incident, your residence might have encountered inconspicuous hazardous substances. Ensuring the utmost security for your commercial space necessitates implementing all-encompassing decontamination approaches.

Soot and Smoke Removal

 After a fire, thorough cleanup becomes vital. Soot and smoke residue penetrate building components, leading to smells and health issues. Neglecting this can be problematic—our solution: cutting-edge technology to restore your home.

Water Damage Restoration

After a fierce fire, water’s role might worsen, damaging structures further. Fear not! Our services excel in water damage restoration – eradicating excess water and drying spaces to prevent mold and more.

Structural Repair and Reconstruction

 Structures face weakened integrity and safety concerns after the ravaging flames. Worry not, for our expert contractors diligently restore your abode, ensuring compliance with safety codes.

Content Cleaning and Restoration

 With utmost care for your cherished belongings, we embark on content cleaning and restoration. Our services strive to salvage and revive furniture, equipment, papers, and stock, preserving as much as possible.

Odor Removal

Amidst our daily routines, we encounter persistent smoke scents; no denying their unpleasant nature. However, little do we realize that these scents might hint at hazardous particles lurking around. Fear not. Our effective methods eliminate those unwelcome odors, granting a welcoming and hygienic interior.

Damage Assessment

Our adept professionals offer an honest fire damage estimate upon surveying your business. This meticulous evaluation unveils the full scope of destruction, guiding a tailored restoration plan to fulfill your distinctive needs.

Insurance Assistance

During emergencies, insurance claims become a stressful task. We help by collaborating with your insurer, simplifying the burden with meticulous documentation. Vividly depicting damage and repair steps, we ensure a seamless process.

Service Area

RESCUE RESTORATION INC gladly services all of New York City. You can rely on our rapid response and competent services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten Island.

Our Process

Emergency Contact

Step 01

When you call RESCUE RESTORATION INC in an emergency, our helpful and professional staff will quickly get the information they need to send our team to the fire scene.

On-Site Assessment

Step 02

After the fire, our experts will immediately visit your business to look at the damage. During the assessment, we will put security first and do everything we need to ensure it is.

Customized Restoration Plan

Step 03

Based on what we find, we’ll make a unique plan for your organization to fix all the damaged areas and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Emergency Mitigation

Step 04

We’ll use things like tarping, boarding up, and water extraction (if needed) to deal with emergencies first.

Comprehensive Restoration

Step 05

We do everything from soot to structural repairs, cleaning the surface, and more! Our staff will work hard to get your business back to how it was before the fire.

Final Inspection

Step 06

As soon as we finish the repair procedure, we will do a comprehensive final examination to ensure everything is in good shape.

Insurance Claims

Step 07

We’ll help you file an insurance claim by getting the right paperwork and talking to your insurance company directly.


Only return to your business once the fire department says it’s safe. Having an expert assess the situation after a fire has been put out is important since there may be hidden concerns, such as structural instability, electrical hazards, or hazardous chemicals.

Repairing property damaged by fire calls for specific resources and expertise. Cleaning up after a fire may do more harm than good without the right training and gear. Professionals with the necessary expertise should handle the repair procedure.

Restoration costs after a fire may usually be claimed on a business property’s insurance policy. We coordinate directly with insurers to make the claims process easy and stress-free for our customers.

The extent of the fire will determine how long it will take to restore the building. To bring your company back to normal as soon as possible, we place a premium on speed without sacrificing quality.

Our range of cleaning and restoration services aims to save as much of your data and gadgets as possible. To recover and repair broken items, we use expert methods.

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Why Choose Us


Our experience recovering commercial buildings after fires is why you should call RESCUE RESTORATION INC. Our staff of highly trained repair experts is ready to take on any task.

Rapid Response

Our emergency services are available around the clock because we know how important it is to return to standard after a fire. Our quick action helps stop any additional harm and gets things back to regular as soon as possible.

Compassionate Approach

We assume an understanding approach since we know how devastating a fire can be to a company and its workers. Our team takes a sympathetic and caring approach to every repair job and carefully leads you through the process.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to our customers has helped us achieve a big reputation for customer satisfaction. We’re committed to going above and beyond to earn your total satisfaction.

Latest Equipment

The latest restoration technology and equipment are invested in to guarantee timely and accurate repairs.

Licensed and Insured

RESCUE RESTORATION INC is a fully licensed and insured business, giving you the assurance you need in our abilities

Quality Assurance

We promise that our work will be of the greatest quality. We use stringent quality assurance systems to make sure the repair is done right.


At RESCUE RESTORATION INC, we give top-notch estimates of property damage. Our strong commitment is to help you deal with the problems that come with property damage. We stand out as your reliable restoration partner by being accurate, efficient, and focused on customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us today and see how great our service is.