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Asbestos Abatement Services

Problem Solve: Health and Environment

Asbestos used to be praised for being fire-resistant and insulating. But, now, it is known to be very dangerous to your health. Determining what asbestos fibers are and how they cause lung cancer and asbestosis is important. Therefore, proper asbestos reduction is crucial to protect individuals and the environment. Enter RESCUE RESTORATION INC, a leader in asbestos abatement. We are committed to safety and efficiency and serve NYC’s residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Decades of experience ensure top-notch services for handling asbestos-containing materials.

Our Process

RESCUE RESTORATION INC removes asbestos with the greatest care, prioritizing client and team member safety. We follow a plan for the following steps:

Inspection and Assessment

We carefully look for asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) on the property. Modern equipment makes sure that assessments are accurate. Also, detailed reports help decide what to do next.

Customized Abatement Plan

After a thorough inspection, we make a unique plan to eliminate the problem. Safety is ensured by following both local and federal rules. We carefully carry out the plan as we move smoothly into the remediation phase.

ontainment and Safety Measures

Because of concerns about asbestos, we put up barriers to stop fibers from spreading. Our team wears gear, such as respirators, to reduce exposure risk. We also use disposable coveralls to make sure everyone is safe.

Documentation and Compliance

Our experienced technicians use approved methods to eliminate asbestos, which keeps people safe and reduces risks. Materials are skillfully taken out of the ground with the utmost care, protecting health and the environment.

Thorough Cleanup

After the accident, everything was cleaned up very well. We eliminate any asbestos that is still there with special tools and poisons. The goal is to end up with a place that is clean and safe.

Post-Abatement Testing

In the pursuit of safety, post-abatement testing becomes vital. After asbestos removal, we examine air quality. This ensures effectiveness and a hazard-free environment. Consequently, the property becomes safe for occupancy.

Asbestos Removal

In the maze of rules, RESCUE RESTORATION INC does well. We make sure that the removal of asbestos meets the rules. We have thorough paperwork because we care most about being open and following the rules. We make sure that the rules are followed at every step of the way.

Service Area

From the busy center of Manhattan to the unique areas of Brooklyn, from Queens’ sprawling diversity to the Bronx’s cultural place, and from Staten Island’s coastal beauty, we cover all of NYC. We are good at dealing with asbestos problems because we can adjust to the complexity of cities. Call us whenever!


Asbestos abatement is finding, containing, removing, and getting rid of asbestos products to protect people’s health.

Inhaled asbestos fibers can cause severe respiratory diseases like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Homeowners, property managers, and business owners with asbestos materials should hire professionals.

Asbestos isn’t used much anymore because it’s bad for your health, but some older buildings may still have it.

Duration varies with project size and complexity. Days for residential, weeks for commercial.

Cost varies based on the asbestos amount, location, and project complexity. We offer competitive pricing.

Asbestos still in one piece is not dangerous right away, but breathing in asbestos fibers in the air is dangerous.

It couldn’t be a better idea. To avoid risks, dangerous processes need special tools and training.

Yes, we are fully licensed, insured, approved, and committed to safety for high-quality service.

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Why Choose Us

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience, RESCUE RESTORATION INC can handle any asbestos removal job, big or small. Certified professionals are experts at finding, removing, and getting rid of asbestos safely and efficiently.

Safety First

Asbestos abatement must be done very carefully because it involves dangerous fibers. We put the well-being of our clients first. Our team always follows the business rules, which limit contact and stop cross-contamination.

Compliance with Regulations

We put following local and government rules at the top of our list of objectives. All legal requirements are met, so there are no worries about legality.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

RESCUE RESTORATION INC uses tools, tech, and ways on the cutting edge. Inspections, removals, and air quality tests for asbestos are all simplified to ensure accuracy and speed.

Tailored Solutions

When working with asbestos, projects need custom methods. We know how important it is to be unique. Approach design changes to fit the goals and price of the client.

24/7 Emergency Response

During insurgencies, asbestos problems can appear out of nowhere. When help is always available, problems that need fixing immediately are taken care of quickly.

Compliance with Regulations

Our dedication to being the best stands out. We go above and beyond to make sure every client is happy.


RESCUE RESTORATION INC is the best company in New York City for getting rid of asbestos. Safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction make us the best choice for you. No giving up on health and safety, trust RESCUE RESTORATION INC. to keep your family and property safe from the dangers of asbestos.